Sunday, August 29, 2004

Tales From The Home Improvement Front, Part 2

We are finally in our kitchen! Summer is winding down and after 5 long months of living out of our makeshift basement kitchen, Dan just has some trim and finishing work to do. A quick look at the before and after pictures below show the dramatic change. It came out beautifully and Dan has done a wonderful job! We engaged the help of a designer to help us along the way which is why it's so bold--and we love it.

Here are a few more lessons I've learned during this process (see Tales From The Home Improvement Front, Part 1):
1) There will always be something you would have done differently,
2) Much like the pain of childbirth, remodeling pain goes away once you're finally able to enjoy the finished results, and
3) It will cost even more than you think.

September brings final outdoor repairs before the cold is upon us. Winter remodeling plans include the two bathrooms and finishing/painting all the doors and trim (no rest for the weary).

I hope you've had a productive season and been able to finish all your Summer projects!

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