Sunday, September 07, 2008

MichiganMoves Me

I love taking pictures and after I got a new Blackberry Curve, I decided to give photo blogging a shot.

I've followed St. Paul, Minnesota real estate agent Theresa Boardman and her All T All Day blog, especially enjoying her "on the street" perspective.

I'm not a native Michigander. Although I cherish my Dakota roots and love my California past, today I enjoy a nice life in Michigan. Even with our battered economy, it's a great place to live (ok, I could do with a few less months of Winter).

Some of the things I hope to do is document my real estate travels throughout Southeast Michigan highlighting property, communities, events, and the unusual, unique and sometimes downright bizarre things I come across.

Blogging and digital photography is familiar to me. Learning a new smartphone, taking photos on it, uploading to Flickr, and posting to Twitter and my new blog has been a lesson in patience and persistence (and if that wasn't enough, I just added a new Tablet PC).

It's definitely a work in progress. The pictures and resolution aren't the best, but hey, it's a camera phone!

Image courtesy of Marvin Kuo

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