Sunday, June 20, 2004

Remembering Fathers Every Day

Our teenage daughter Daisy is nearly 19 and sometimes we feel like we are ships passing in the night. With Father's Day approaching, earlier this week my husband Dan wrote the following poem for our daughter Daisy:

It's getting near that time of year
That my straining ears may hear
My precious daughter Daisy say
"Hey Dad...come over here."

Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful
I know she means the best
It's just I miss the daily 'hi', a hug and maybe a kiss
Of late it's more a grumble, growl and hiss.

She's studying hard for classes
Working hard as well
Someday she'll join the po-lice force
And give the villians hell.

It's just that an "I love you Dad"
Or "can you talk awhile"
Would sure be nice without the holiday
To make her old man smile.

I know she has my e-mail
Has my cell phone number too
Remember: roses aren't my favorite flower
Daisy, that's reserved for you!

Luvya, Dad-Dawg

Honoring Fathers out there today and every day!

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