Friday, August 15, 2008

Annexation Plan Goes Down in Defeat

Tuesday, August 5th, Livonia voters and seven Northville Township residents on the old Northville Psychiatric Hospital voted against the plan to annex the 414 acre property.

As a former Northville resident and current Livonia resident, I was conflicted about the debate. Mostly, I'd love to see new life given to this beautiful parcel, regardless of whose responsibility it is.

As it turns out, the developer dropped their $100 million lawsuit against Northville Township in exchange for 100 acres of land. Now that the annexation vote is behind them, that agreement can proceed.

Given the big push in Livonia to stop the annexation, I found it ironic to see this sign at the corner of 6 Mile and Haggerty. Hmmm, I wonder who was behind the stop annexation agenda after all?

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