Sunday, March 16, 2008

One In A Million

The wildest thing happened recently. A gentleman named Gary from the west side of Michigan e-mailed from our website. He had just accepted a job in Southfield, didn't know the area at all, and wanted me to show him a few condos.

When I met Gary and his wife the following Saturday, I casually mentioned "Oh, you're from St. Joseph. I have a cousin who lives in St. Joseph."

"What is his name?" they asked.

Cousin Jon

"Jon Bendewald," I replied, thinking they might know him since he is a pastor at a local church in their area.

To my shock, they not only knew him, but the wife was a teacher and currently had Jon's daughter in her class, and had taught his two other children!

What makes this even more amazing, is that we don't have a huge family here in Michigan. In fact, Jon and I are the ONLY Michiganders with the rest of the family out west in Washington, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota! And yes, he is as much fun as this picture makes him look.

What was the likelihood of Gary going to the internet, searching for condos in the Detroit Metro area, reading through the entries, and choosing me of all the agents in the search results?

It truly is a small world...and maybe I should buy a lotto ticket.

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