Monday, October 27, 2008

The Social Networking Buzz: TweetBeeps & Tweet-Ups

Once I mastered the Twitter basics, I set up TweetBeep (kinda like Google alerts) to email me when someone wrote a tweet on something that interested me. For example, any time a tweet included the word "Plymouth". Do you know how many cities are named Plymouth in the world? Lots.

Next, I noticed people talking about "tweet-ups". I had no idea what they meant, but had a hunch it might have something to do with getting together.

As luck would have it, one of our local agents organized one last week and five people showed up. We met at a pub, enjoyed food & drinks, and shared real estate war stories and tech tips.

It was great to be in the company of others who "get" and embrace the same technology instead of looking at you like you're nuts.

Next, a little Twitter synchronicity.

The Social Networking Buzz: Getting Started, Twitterland, Twitter Synchronicity


Charleston SC Relocation Expert said...

Great idea for RE folks to Tweet Up and connect! I seen some local Tweet Ups posted but haven't made it to one yet.

Debra Drummond | MichiganMoves said...

I've been to two now and they are great, gaining insight and tech tips at both of them. Look forward to expanding Tweet Ups to local folks as a means to network face-to-face.